Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you know the definition of REDUX?

redux |rēˈdəks; ˈrēˈdəks|adjective [ postpositive ]brought back; revived : the 1980s were far more than just the '50s redux.ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from Latin, from reducere ‘bring back.’ The word is not used all that often. It does refer to music that may not be heard (and enjoyed) as it was years ago whether performed live or recorded. This is somewhat the intent of this blog. There are countless vinyl and CD recordings from countless nations and composers with works that are begging to be heard again. If you are of "classical music" persuasion (particularly of Russian, Slavic, or Baltic nationality) and have enjoyed a recording that you think deserves sharing, pass it along here. Please include the full title, performer(s), record label, and any other info you feel is important. This would also include comments you may have. Of course, this can also include any new recordings you have heard. The nationalities listed herein I will admit are my predilections if for no other reason because of limited time. On a future post, the focus will be on the 3-string balalaika, its origin, and how prevalent it is in performance. A side note: thanks to Greg for his photo on Picasa showcasing a beautiful alto balalaika.